We believe that bread and coffee made with good quality ingredients and lots of love should be available for all to enjoy, regardless of how deep your pockets are. We are always trying to think of ways to make this a reality that does not compromise our ability to thrive as a business. Our commitment to living wages, organic flour, and directly traded coffee means we need to get creative in fulfilling this mission.

Luckily there are other folks out there who are also pondering this conundrum. One of the ways you can help us with our mission is to participate in the growing Suspended Coffee movement. The idea is simple; if you are picking up your loaf or cup of coffee, and you have some spare change, buy a second one and leave it in the store. We’ll make a note of it so that it is visible to future customers, and the next person to come in who might be short on cash can claim that purchase, no questions asked.

We all win–the person who picked up their fresh loaf or coffee and now has some wholesome food or a drink to warm them up, the donor has made a meaningful contribution with an immediate tangible payoff, and we get to experience the joy of sharing our goods with someone who may not have otherwise walked into our store.

So whether you’re someone
who needs a hand,
or someone willing to lend one,
please drop in and participate in our Suspended program.

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