We love to take a minute and enjoy the smells and taste of our coffee. We hope you like coffee Zen as much as we do.

Much like our approach to bread, our approach to coffee is to showcase the abundance of variety and complexity of coffee beans. Like wheat, coffee beans have tons of trapped potential; it is up to skilled roasters and baristas to extract as much flavour and character as they can. We strive first and foremost for quality and consistency. Secondarily, we want to showcase the nuances and complexities of different roasts and blends.

We are currently showcasing coffee beans from three different roasters from Ontario.

In our espresso hopper, we are serving up Detour Coffee, brought to you from Burlington, ON.

On our retail shelves & in our Chemex pour-over, you can enjoy beans from Happy Goat Coffee (Ottawa, ON), & Barking Barista (Ottawa, ON).