If you’re looking for just a loaf, a large order of pastries, or even a custom request, we are always happy to help! Please take note of our ordering system:

Orders must be called in 24 hours in advance of your pick-up. Please call us by NOON the day before your pick-up day. For example: If you want to pick up bread or pastries on Saturday, you must call your order in on Friday by noon.

Respecting this system helps us enormously. If we know of orders in advance, we can be confident in making larger batch sizes because we know we will sell our products. Helping us sell more helps us to be viable & helps us to make more people happy!  Helping us make the best of our busy seasons helps us survive the slow times. Thanks for your understanding & cooperation.

To give you an idea of some of the custom orders we can do, here are some examples of past requests:

  • slider buns (as few as a dozen, up to several hundred at a time)
  • large pastry orders, several dozen
  • bite-sized pastries, including croissants, scones, and cookies
  • full trays of Focaccia
  • vegan ciabatta buns (burger, slider, dinner rolls)
  • catered brown bag lunches, complete with sandwiches, drinks, & sides




Please CALL IN orders to 613.422.5300 during regular business hours.
**We DO NOT accept orders via email or social media.**

Thank you for your understanding.