Suitable for beginners with very little to some bread-baking experience, Part 1 of the series introduces lean breads including baguettes and white sourdough.

The primary objectives of Part 1 include:

  • understanding the fundamentals of fermentation, both via wild yeast and commercial yeast, and the ways in which the baker controls fermentation
  • understanding the benefits of delayed fermentation and minimal use of yeast
  • understanding the fundamentals of wheat-based baking, including flour fundamentals and gluten structure and manipulation
  • basic technique development in all stages of baking, including mixing, dividing, shaping, scoring, and baking
  • gaining an appreciation for the craft of artisan bread baking, and to spark and further your desire to hone your baking skills

Part 1 of the Workshop Series puts a heavy focus on discussion of baking theory, with complimentary opportunities for hands-on practice each step of the way.

Your registration for the Workshop includes:

  • 4 hours of in-depth discussion and hands-on baking
  • complimentary tea and coffee
  • loaves of bread that you baked yourself!
  • bread-tasting and analysis with accompaniments
  • recipes to take with you

Workshop minimum is 3 people, maximum is 6.

Cost: $120/person + HST (payable upon registration, via interact e-transfer. We do not accept payment via phone.)

To register please email us at