Part 2 of the Workshop Series focuses on whole-grain baking, and working with more challenging dough-types, namely wet dough suitable for focaccia and pizza.

**Please note that this workshop is only offered to people who have participated in Part 1 of the Workshop Series**

The primary goals of this installment are:

  • understanding fundamentals in whole grain bread-baking, building off existing knowledge
  • advancing your hands-on techniques and challenging your skills by working with more challenging dough-types
  • understanding the fundamentals of alternative flours, including non-wheat flours and grains related to wheat, and how techniques and formulas need to be adjusted depending on flour type
  • learning how to incorporate inclusions into dough (ex. nuts, seeds, fruit), and their effect on the final product

Your registration for the workshop includes:

  • 4 hours of in-depth discussion and hands-on practice
  • complimentary tea and coffee
  • fresh-baked bread to take home
  • customized flatbread with toppings of your choice
  • recipes to take with you

Workshops will have a maximum of 6 participants.

Cost: $130/person + HST (payable upon registration, via interact e-transfer only. We do not accept payment via phone.)

If you have taken Part 1, & would like to register for Part 2 please email us at