We are happy to be working with some wonderful restaurants and cafes in and around the city. We greatly value these partnerships, and work closely with operators, tailoring to their needs to the best of our ability.

Being a small batch bakery focused on high quality bread and pastries, we have chosen to limit our wholesale distribution in order to maintain our quality standards. Therefore, we are open to small-medium wholesale partnerships, but have to decline requests that are too large.

An alternative for Chefs out there…

If you’ve ever thought of introducing a bread program to your restaurant, and/or training your kitchen crew in bread-baking, we are thrilled to offer tailored workshops suited for your restaurant’s needs, wants, and limits. With experience baking bread in a restaurant setting, Jessica can help you with many of the challenges of baking bread in limited spaces, with limited resources, and limited equipment.

We understand the benefits of in-house baking in terms of quality, freshness, and appeal to your customers. It may sound odd for a bakery to offer to teach you how to make your own bread rather than trying to sell its bread to you. However, we truly believe that there should be more bakers out there, especially in the awesome restaurant kitchens of Ottawa, rather than a few high-volume bakeries dominating the field. We want to lead the way in sharing the joys and benefits of scratch-made, high quality artisan bread.

We are happy to accommodate groups as large as 6! Please inquire via e-mail: jessica@breadbyus.com