**Details will be announced soon for workshops in fall 2018.**

Have you ever wanted to expand your knowledge and skills in the wonderful art of bread baking? Would you like the opportunity to do so in a cozy bakery? Are you looking for ways to grow and learn in a small-group setting?

Bread by Us offers a series of Sunday afternoon workshops aimed to help build your baking confidence, and to set you on the path towards baking independence. The primary goal of the series is to help you grow from a budding baker to someone who feels confident enough to start experimenting with breads, doughs, and flours that may currently seem out of reach. Our goal is to provide a comfortable setting for learning that combines in-depth sharing of knowledge, open discussion, hands-on learning, and experimentation. If this appeals to you, then keep reading!

Note to restaurants: If you’ve ever thought of introducing a bread program to your restaurant, and/or training your kitchen crew in bread-baking, we are thrilled to offer tailored workshops suited for your restaurant’s needs, wants, and limits. With experience baking bread in a restaurant setting, Jessica can help you with all of the challenges of baking bread in limited spaces, with limited resources, and limited equipment. When there’s a will, there’s a way. Please inquire about special rates for your kitchen!

To register please email sarah@breadbyus.com

Bread Baking Series

Part 1

Please email sarah@breadbyus.com for info on dates & availability


Part 2

(Please note that Part 2 is only available to people who have completed Part 1)

Please email sarah@breadbyus.com for info on dates and availability