Our approach to bread is to keep things pretty simple.  Our slow and thoughtful techniques are meant to extract the complex and wonderful trapped flavour potential of the grains themselves. Our breads are made with high-quality unbleached, untreated flours. We combine organic organic and conventional flours, primarily from Quebec. We incorporate stone-ground and local non-GMO flours where possible. Our goal is to combine high quality flours that help us keep our products within an affordable price-range.

**Please note that bread times are an estimate. Depending on conditions, sometimes these times fluctuate slightly. If you have your heart set on a loaf, please place an order 24 hours in advance.**

Please note that we make buns every day of the week. Depending on the season, we either tailor them to fit the average burger or sausage, or we make them into a smaller dinner roll. Call ahead to find out what we’re making these days.


Just so you know…

In our bakery, sourdough isn’t just an option, it is the way. So to some extent, almost every loaf will come to life with the help of our sourdough culture. In some breads, the sourness will be the star; in others, it will be subtle or barely detectable. Sourness is not only great for surprising and complex flavour, but it also helps our breads last longer without adding any preservatives.

You can download our bread menu with full descriptions & schedules here: