We are a small-batch artisanal bread bakery creating sourdough breads, proudly situated in the heart of beautiful Hintonburg, Ottawa. We were established in 2013, and still going strong! We believe a bakery isn’t quite complete without the smells and tastes of exceptional coffee, so we offer a variety of coffee¬†at our cozy espresso bar. We are currently proudly serving up Detour Coffee (Burlington, ON), Happy Goat Coffee (Ottawa, ON), and Barking Barista (Ottawa, ON).

We strive to give customers the sensory experience of a bakery full of aromatic breads of many varieties, with beautiful aesthetics, every day. Our menu is simple. Our slow and thoughtful techniques are meant to extract the complex and wonderful trapped flavour potential of the grains themselves. We are a back-to-basics kind of place. Straightforward, delicious, and consistent.

We do our best to support local suppliers because we love our home and we love the bounty that comes from it. We are dedicated to sustainable environmental practices, and creating a healthy and prosperous work environment within our own walls.

We are serious about what we like
– bread & coffee –
& aim to give you the best loaf
and brew that we can.